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Trust Port Status


Maryport Harbour is a trust port governed by the Statutory Instrument ‘Maryport Harbour Revision Order 2007’ (2007 No. 1463), which came into force on the 29th December 2007.  The Harbour Authority’s office is located within the Marina Building on Marine Road, Maryport, CA15 8AY.

The Harbour Authority doesn’t own any property, but is the statutory body and implements the Port Marine Safety Code, owning and managing the Navigation Aids. Its income comes directly from the harbour dues collected on an Annual basis.

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Elizabeth Dock



The Elizabeth dock forms the heart of Maryport’s working harbour.  Visitors can observe the fishing fleet when it is in port.  During low water the striking Ellenfoot pedestrian bridge is available to walk across, during high water the bridge is raised to allow the free passage of vessels.

Harbour Dues



All vessels entering through the north and south pier or launched into the harbour jurisdiction is subject to harbour dues.  These dues help to maintain the Ports’ Navigation Aids, Port Marine Safety Code, Oil Spill Contingency Plan, Port Waste Management Plan and contribution to the Port Insurance.

Out and About



Maryport has a diverse history with the Senhouse Roman museum and the Maritime museum giving a history of the town and harbour.  Activities in the local area include the Aquarium, which is located on the harbour with species of fish from the Solway Firth.  

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